From bricklayer to business woman.



I was a VCAL student with a bricklaying apprenticeship when I became a teenage single mum. Choices needed to be made to get my life back on track for the future. Five years on I am a multi-business owner employing more than 100 people.

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“Casey is such an inspiration! She has an amazing story, connected wonderfully with the students and presented a solid message that making some poor initial choices early in life does not have to define you or limit your success.”


Peter Hutton, EdREvoltion


 Girls don't
lay bricks

Casey Mackinlay’s recollection on beating life’s unforeseen challenges and her journey to success - Girls don’t lay bricks is an inspiring yet humble and practical distillation of all the successful tactics, concepts and reflections that took one hungry teenage mother from a young bricklayer to CEO. If you aspire to more than where you are at, to pave your own path to success or simply need a dose of inspiration for your business, then this is a must-read. Girls don’t lay bricks lays a relevant and clear blueprint for best practices in business, life and love


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